Dubrovnik Neretva Region Establishes Committee to Support Neretva Valley Tangerine

October is one of the busiest months in Neretva Valley as tangerine season is at its peak. Around 60 family-owned tangerine productions will collect 60.000 tons of tangerines and deliver it to the distribution centers for the measurement and packaging. Majority of the tangerines will be exported to the EU countries and around 12.000 tons to Balkans countries leaving 15.000 tons for Croatian market. For a kilo, a tangerine producer will gain 2-3 Croatian kuna (30-40 cents).*
Dubrovnik Neretva Region established Tangerine Committee in order to provide additional support to local tangerine producers as low price of product leaves entrepreneurs with no funds to invest in new product development, research and innovation in production technology as well as the promotion of Neretva Valley Tangerine.
New labeled packaging has been introduced as well as support to ensure protected designation of origin. Furthermore, the Center for competences for citrus fruits as multidisciplinary research and innovation center has been designed and applied for funding.

More Information:
Contact: info@dunea.hr