BASOTEK is a multidisciplinary R + D + i consortium conceived to respond to the current and future challenges of the forest value chain of the Basque Country

Currently, BASOTEK focuses its activity on four lines of work: the use of wood in construction, new materials derived from wood or its by-products, the safeguard of wood resource and the improvement of the sector’s competitiveness.

BASOTEK’s aim is to gather all the agents of the forest-wood chain in order to structure dialogue and work together to meet the needs of the sector. It is an entity with a transversal vision focused on the following objectives:

  • To launch projects that transform the sector in terms of competitiveness and sustainability
  • To develop Research and Development lines for the implementation of solutions and for the generation of solid knowledge at the service of the sector and of the Administrations.
  • To guarantee advanced services for the sector and Administrations.
  • To perform technological surveillance, prospecting, analysis of trends and market developments and social perception and demand.
  • To facilitate the participation of the sector in calls for projects financed by Europe.
  • To encourage the creation of new business activities linked to the forest-wood or auxiliary sector.
  • To promote key alliances with other international reference centers.

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