Lapland is the northernmost region of EU where unique nature consists of abundant natural resources. This global hotspot of the Arctic has high standards for infrastructure and outstanding knowledge of sustainable utilization of nature resources. Lapland is a melting pot of industries and it is one of Finland’s fastest growing regions with its backbones in forestry, mining and tourism. Specific characteristics of the businesses are the existence of multinational corporations, few medium size businesses and a huge number of small and micro companies.

Lapland is actively fostering its clean nature and supporting the smallscale refining industry development, which is providing solid income throughout the region. Innovations in fields like tourism safety, locally produced food, decentralised renewable energy or wood construction are great platforms for long term interregional cooperation.

The Regional Council of Lapland (RCL) is a joint municipal board formed by its 21 member municipalities.

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Hallituskatu 20 B, 96100 Rovaniemi, Finland Tlf.: +358 40 704 3130