Central Denmark

Central Denmark

The Municipality of Ringkøbing-Skjern is located by the westcoastof Jutland, Denmark. It is the biggest municipality when it is about area and we have the right conditions for a big food sector. The food sector has a top priority for the city council with its own policy and action plan and plays a key role in the business development of Central Denmark Region too. For the same reasons the sector is very important for our possibilities for growth in the economy.
Our energy solutions, food and know-how come around in the world, and tourists and many others from near and far are part of our everyday lives.
Ringkoebing-Skjern Municipality is home to Vestas wind turbines and Arla’s cheeses giants worldwide. We are also known for our tourism experiences in world-class, fishing and many other large and small exporting companies, subcontractors and specialists, operating together with others around the world. An international environment is characterized for many of the jobs available in Ringkoebing-Skjern companies.


Center for Development of Food is operator of food policy for the Municipality of Ringkøbing-Skjern. The policy is focused on products, knowledge and growth.
The central point for the action plan is the development of a foodhub. The targets for the development of the foodhub are:

  • A platform for developing food companies
  • A national and a global platform for marketing
  • A place for production for entrepeneurs and established companies
  • Network for the business of food.

Søren Holm: sho@rserhverv.dk


Municipality of Ringkøbing-Skjern
Ånumvej, 28 DK
Postal Code: 6900
Skjern (Denmark)
Tlf.: +45 21362317