The Region Centre-Val de Loire is hosting an intercluster meeting called “Plant InterCluster 2018”, on the 4th and 5th of October 2018, in Orleans. Would it be possible to disseminate this information?

This BtoB event is co-organized by the French Innovation & Competitiveness Clusters, Vegepolys, Terralia, Agri Sud Ouest Innovation and Céréales Vallée. The “PIC” 2018 (Plan InterCluster) is an important annual event in the plant production industry. It aims at fostering knowledge in the plant field, creating a common strategy to facilitate the international development of clusters and their members. It targets a wide spectrum of stakeholders: companies, Clusters, Universities, Research centres and end-users related to plant production..

The thematic areas are the following ones:

  • Crop productivity
  • New methods and inputs for plant production
  • Biocontrol products
  • Integrated pest management
  • Urban Farming
  • Digital Farming
  • Precision plant protection / precision irrigation
  • Extraction
  • Interclustering cooperation

The draft agenda can be find online. Participants have to register online, before the 30th of September.