NEFERTITI is a unique project that establishes 10 interactive thematic networks and bring together 45 regional clusters (hubs) of demo-farmers and the involved actors (advisors, NGOs, industry, education, researchers and policy makers) in 17 countries. The thematic networks are concerning the three sectors: animal production, arable farming and horticultural production. There is also a network for farm attractiveness. NEFERTITI focuses on creating added value from the exchange of knowledge, actors, farmers and technical content over the networks in order to boost innovation uptake, to improve peer to peer learning and network connectivity between farms actors across Europe, thus contributing to a more competitive, sustainable and climate-smart agriculture.

The network will be established with the help of funding of the European Commission. We are looking for (public) partners who are willing to support this network post project time. Please let us know if your region is interested.

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