Welcome to the Plants working group!

What is the plants working group?

This working group aims to build a network of European regions with an active plant industry sector. The members of our working group are regional (county) authorities of European regions. The initiators of the working group are the regions Noord- and Zuid-Holland.

Importance of the horticulture sector

Plants are an important product, bringing healthy food, clean air and biobased raw materials. Studies show that the presence of green plants in public environments or offices even increases happiness. The plant industry plays an important role in dealing with the societal challenges of the European Union, such as food security, health of EU citizens and a green and healthy living environment.

The horticulture sector includes the production of vegetables, fruit, flowers, plants, trees, mushrooms, bulbs and seeds. Our goal is to focus on the whole supply chain, from production to delivery.

Besides its contribution to the societal goals, the horticulture sector is foremost an economically important sector. It provides a lot of jobs and its primary products and production systems are significant EU export goods.

Why a network

The importance of the plant sector is, however, not so well known in the European Union.

Our goal is to increase that awareness and show the advantages of the horticulture sector! That is why we would like to work together with more EU regions that also find the horticulture sector important.

Join our network!


Are you a cluster organisation?

We also aim to make a strong connection with the horticulture cluster network.

If you are a cluster organisation, you may find it useful to join a cluster network. France has already started with the  Plant Inter Cluster (PIC) network. This is now expanding, hoping to connect plant clusters in other European countries. The cluster organisation Greenport West-Holland is already linked to this network. We invite more plant clusters to follow!

Please contact Marga Vintges for more information: eu@greenportwestholland.nl


Contact details:

Mr Martijn Ondersta – province of Zuid-Holland (Region South Holland)


Ilse Buijs – province of Noord-Holland (Region North Holland)