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Pays de la Loire

Pays de la Loire is a French region located in the western part of France. The regional capital is Nantes.

The region is characterised by a specialisation in some key economic sectors: leather industry, textile, shipyard industry and aeronautics, plastic industry, insurance services, agriculture and food-processing industry.

Agricultural and agri food sectors are indeed both pillars of the regional economy. Agri food sector is the 1st industrial sector of the region, generating an annual turnover of over 13 billion euros. The regional wood industry is also historically important and occupies the 3rd rank among the French regions in terms of employment.

In order to strengthen and develop its agri food sector, the region can count on a really diverse agricultural production, from vegetal production to cattle farming or aquaculture.

The region published its “agri food strategy 2016-2020”, consisting in assuring the economic future of the agro food industry by major investments in research and innovation, local food networks and international development of the sector.

Description of the representative entity in ERIAFF

The Pays de la Loire regional council, as a public administration, is in charge of remits such as economic development, environmental protection, promotion of apprenticeships and vocational trainings, maintenance of high schools, management of regional EU funds. It holds a key position in supporting the economic fields of forestry, agriculture, agri-food, etc.

The region has a Brussels-based office, Pays de la Loire Europe.

Social Networks

Name of the person/people in charge of the representation in ERIAFF:

Maxime Sion, Pays de la Loire Regional Council, Head of unit for Food and quality

Anne-Claire Branellec, Pays de la Loire Regional Council, Project officer for Food and Quality

Frédéric Denéchère, Pays de la Loire Regional Council, Project officer for innovation in agriculture and agroecology

Agnès Trarieux, Pays de la Loire Europe, Regional representation in Brussels



Pays de la Loire Regional Council 1 Rue de la Loire, 44966 NANTES CEDEX 9 Nantes, France

Pays de la Loire Europe, Rond-point Schuman 14, 1040 Brussels, Belgium