Satakunta region is located on the west coast of Finland. There are 20 municipalities in the region. The total population is about 225 000 inhabitants in the area of 8 000 square kilometres. The biggest city in the region is the city of Pori (83 000 inh.).  The main business sectors in Satakunta region are automation and robotics, engineering, energy production, offshore and diversified agrifood sector.

Generating growth in agrifood cluster in Satakunta region

The close cooperation between farmers, agrifood companies, development organisations and research institutes creates the background for innovation, competitiveness and growth.  The high-developed bio-energy solutions and the utilisation of big data and high-tech farming are the areas we have specialized in Satakunta region. Growing consumer interest in food origin, quality and health effects will also lead to new business opportunities.

In Satakunta region agrifood and tourism development are related in pure nature and local food-based service packages and assembly of products.

Rural development focuses on support networks, as well as the formation of year-round promotion of creative rural tourism.


The main representative entity in ERIAFF is Satakunta Regional Council

Other stakeholders and actors:

Satafood Development Association, working for competitive agrifood business.

Pyhäjärvi Institute, center of further education, development and research.

Wander –Nordic Water and Materials Institute, water research unit of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK).


Ms Katja LAITINEN – Director of Regional Development

Mr Kari HIETALA – Regional Advisor Satakunta Regional Council


Satakunta Regional Council

Pohjoisranta 11 D, PO Box 260, 28101 Pori, FINLAND

Tel. +358 44 711 4360