Western Macedonia

Western Macedonia is the only Greek Region with no access to the sea, located in the northwestern part of the country. Occupies an area of 9.461 Km² eminently mountainous, with a population of 291.731 inhabitants.

The agricultural sector has an important share in the Regional economy and employment (16.5%), follows a gradually decreasing course, but still retains an important place, both as a sector of economic activity and as a factor in social cohesion, especially in mountainous and remote areas.

The secondary sector is characterized by the development of some powerful mono-activities such as the lignite-energy production and the fur crafts, whereas a new activity has emerged, the processing of quality agricultural products.

In recent years is noticeable a significant change in regional direction and production structure. Dominant but problematic sectors give their place to production of local quality products.

Considering that the Region agricultural products are characterized for their quality, which is consistent with the increasing trend shown by consumers for local and traditional products considered more qualitative, solid foundations created for the further development of the sector.

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