Located close to the Eastern border of Hungary, Hajdú-Bihar County (6210,56 km²) with its 82 settlements owns unique natural and cultural values. Accessibility is provided by highways, railway network and Debrecen International Airport. The county is one of the driest regions in the Great Plain.

The most valuable economic asset is its arable land with especially high quality in several areas. Extensive grasslands also enrich the potential for making the county one of the leading agricultural producers in Hungary.

The county’s most significant industries are chemicals and pharmaceuticals, machines, food processing and energy. Pharmaceuticals and food processing mean specific potentials as leading innovative fields. Service sector is a large contributor to economic performance, with special focus on IT. The economy is strongly strengthened by tourism as well.

According to the National Smart Specialisation Strategy, Hajdú-Bihar County is classified as “Knowledge Region”. Priorities ‘Agricultural Innovation’ and ‘ICT infocommunication technologies & Services’ (infocommunication technologies in support of the sectoral priorities) are highly prioritized.

Description of the representative entity in ERIAFF

Hajdú-Bihar County Government (HBCG) is committed to ERIAFF work strongly contributed by the University of Debrecen bringing its internationally recognized professional R&D knowledge and capacity. HBCG coordinates the development actions in the county, manages co-operations with the local/regional actors in the field of economy, employment, innovation, agriculture, environment, energy and culture.

As essential contributor, Dr. Zsolt POLERECZKI (Assistant professor, University of Debrecen, Faculty of Economics, Marketing and Trade Institute, polereczki.zsolt@econ.unideb.hu) also given as contact.





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Telephone number: +36 52 507 532