Union “Farmers Parliament” 

Union “Farmers’ Parliament” (FP) is the voice of Latvian farming sector. It provides professional representation and services not only to its members – farms which produce more than 50% of Latvian crop and more than 30% of dairy produce, but also to all Latvia farming society. Currently organization has ~900 members. It is the main agriculture lobby institution with long lasting, highly successful and professional ties in rural development sector both in the country and European Union (EU and government institutions, rural NGOs, sector service institutions, SMEs, education institutions, experts).

Latvian Farmers’ Parliament has a strong position between the farmers and the ministry level in Latvia being active in both national level and on the EU level. The Farmers’ Parliament supports the policy dialogue by providing the link to the opinion of the agricultural sector.

FP has extensive experience in developing and providing education and information services to the farming community and is actively involved in the development of the vocational education training (VET) system in the agriculture sector, as well as the legislative framework for rural entrepreneurship and development. FP has a popular home page   and a highly successful newsletter as well as active in the social networks. FP has developed and implemented a number of national and international projects for human resources development, rural development, nature protection, innovation transfer and the regulatory framework.

Through different projects activities bottom-up approach is developed in the organization for the erection and introduction of innovative ideas, targeted directly to the primary producers needs. Therefore, it is envisaged to implement cooperative innovation form as the innovation partnerships in the innovation development and dissemination process. Mentioned approach has proved the highest efficiency and the target orientation.






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